The Importance of Early Mold Detection in Tampa

The Importance of Early Mold Detection in Tampa

Around 10% of people have allergies to mold, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the people aren’t at risk. Mold growth contributes to a lot of health problems and living in Florida puts you in a vulnerable position. 

If you still want to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and citrus, you don’t have to let fears of mold take over. Working with a mold remediation team, like our experts at Big East Restoration can help. 

There is a lot to discover with mold detection in Tampa. Keep reading to understand why sanitization services are essential and the signs to watch out for! 

Why Are Florida Homes at Greater Risk of Getting Mold?

Buying property in Florida comes with many advantages, but some things can go undetected. Mold, which grows in dark and damp places, is silent but can lead to numerous health issues. 

The most obvious reason for mold growth in Florida homes is hurricanes. Hurricane Ian, for example, resulted in thousands of homes being contaminated with mold. Although these homes were safe before the storm, water damage restoration services were essential. 

Whether a big storm has come through or not, mold can appear at any moment. Read below to discover what factors make Florida homes so vulnerable. 

Hot & Humid Temperatures 

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it’s often hot and humid, but perfect for the beaches. Although this climate is comfortable, it can contribute to mold issues. 

Getting mold remediation is essential if you live in the Tampa area. More days than not, humidity is just as high as the temperatures. The sun helps reduce some of the moisture, but when humidity is high, it only increases. 

If your HVAC unit or dehumidifier isn’t working, your risk of most growth can quickly increase. Even if you lose power, you must keep the air flowing throughout your house until all moisture is gone. Our team can help you assess the class of water damage and treat it! 

Wet Storms 

Tropical storms and hurricanes produce a lot of moisture and Florida is in the center of it all. When wind, humidity, and rain combine, water can access areas of the home without proper ventilation. 

Unlike many other states, people in Florida deal with more storms because of the ocean. Thunderstorms occur so often because the sea breeze and salty moisture create the perfect environment for them. Whether you live on the coast or inland, you’ll still be exposed to intense rain systems. 

High Water Table

There aren’t many cities in Florida that have a low water table. 

Heavy rains and proximity to the ocean make groundwater levels rise. If you live in Florida, it’s essential to create a flood plan since you can’t always predict when the levels will rise. Most people notice groundwater problems if their basement floods or the foundation is cracking. 

The closer you live to a canal, waterway system, or the ocean, the higher your groundwater will be. It’s always helpful to research your flood zone and risks when you move into the area. 

Why Should You Take Black Mold Seriously? 

Black mold is dangerous and life-threatening with enough exposure. 

Everyone hears about black mold, but because it’s so difficult to detect, it goes unnoticed. One place that often gets neglected, for example, is the carpet. Our team helps families live in a safe home by properly restoring damaged carpets

Take a look at some of the signs below. These symptoms can often indicate that black mold is present in the home and contribute to health issues.

Increased Congestion 

Are you buying tissue boxes more often than you used to? Congestion problems are a significant indicator that mold is hiding in your house. 

There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable congestion issues. Stuffy noses make it difficult to breathe and can make your throat sore. If not for a stuffy nose, thin mucus can lead to sinus drainage, worsening your symptoms. 

Allergy medications might improve congestion, but they aren’t good long-term solutions. Getting rid of the mold will result in immediate relief and prevent you from having to rely on decongestant syrups and capsules.

Eye Irritation

Dry and itchy eyes could indicate that mold is hiding in your home. 

This can be a difficult symptom to recognize if you deal with allergies. Since mold spores continue to expand, however, you will notice worsening symptoms. If you start applying eye drops and rubbing them more, mold could be present.  

Our experts prioritize health and we can tell you why! Mold and water damage are a major threat to people with immune problems, allergies, and respiratory disorders. With our help, we can help you create a safer home for everyone inside. 

Difficulty Breathing 

If someone in the house is wheezing or having trouble breathing, you should get your home inspected. Our team can quickly come to your home to diagnose mold problems and prevent future growth. 

Asthma, COPD, and other respiratory issues can make it difficult to pinpoint the cause. If you’ve been living in the same home for years and always dealt with allergies, you might want to get your home inspected. Hidden mold enters through your nose and goes into your lungs over time. 

Instead of spending money on allergy prescriptions and doctor visits, you can treat the problem at its root. Our services reduce overall costs and help you put money toward more important things. 

Let Big Easy Restoration Help You with Mold Detection in Tampa 

Getting help with mold detection in Tampa can protect your family and pets. If you notice any signs of mold growth, you need to take action.

Our team can tackle water restoration, from start to finish. Whether you have moisture in your walls or carpets, we can diagnose the issue and dry things out. Although mold can’t be completely avoided in Florida, there are precautions to try and a great team to work with. 

Seeing is believing, and we want our customers to know what to expect. To get a closer look at our work, check out our company portfolio