What to Look for When Choosing Services for Mold Remediation Tampa

What to Look for When Choosing Services for Mold Remediation Tampa

Mold has toxic chemicals that can affect your health or kill you. Therefore, you must remove it as soon as you discover it.

Successful mold remediation in Tampa requires special equipment and tools, experience, and professional training. These requirements are beyond the reach of the average homeowner.

That’s why hiring a mold remediation expert is essential.

But how will you know if the expert is qualified? This article provides tips on what to look for when hiring a mold remediation expert.

Types of Mold Testing

The remediation service provider should have the capacity to test for mold. They can either use the InstaScope testing or the Air-O-Cell testing. The former provides instant results while the latter takes time and can be tampered with.

Therefore, it’s better to choose a mold remediation service provider who uses InstaScope testing. You will get accurate results in real-time.


The mold remediation company must have the right insurance cover. This cover will encompass pollution liability and basic insurance.

Some remediation providers don’t have a comprehensive insurance cover because of the high costs. However, you should stay away from such providers because they present a big risk.

Training and Certification

The remediation company’s employees must have the right certification and the training to complete the job. Any contractor who has not trained their employees is not reputable.

Air Testing

Any effective mold remediation company will have the capacity to test the air for signs of mold. The testing shows the precise location of the mold in the house. This means that the technician doesn’t have to spend so much time looking for the mold.

In addition, the capacity to do air testing shows that the company has the right equipment to remove the mold.

Work Guarantee

It’s possible for the mold to grow back once you have removed it. Similarly, the mold mediation provider may miss some mold.

The remediation company must commit to testing the air after it has completed the mediation process. This ensures that they remove any missed mold before you pay them.

In addition, the company should promise to remove any mold within a specified time. For example, they can guarantee their work within the next six months. If any mold grows within that duration, you won’t have to pay for its removal.

Ability to Isolate Affected Area

Isolating the affected area prevents the mold from spreading to other areas. Consequently, the remediation contractor should promise to isolate the affected area. If they claim that it’s not necessary or possible, then they aren’t qualified.

Protective Equipment for Their Personnel

Mold removal technicians must use the right equipment and wear protective clothing. They should have hazmat suits, safety glasses, and show covers.

This type of dressing and equipment protects them from harmful chemicals. It also ensures that they don’t spread the mold from one part of the building to another.

Hire an Expert for Mold Remediation, Tampa

The presence of mold in your home can be a big headache. It can also reduce the resale value of your house. That is why you need to hire a qualified company for mold remediation in Tampa.

When you hire the right remediation company, you may never have to deal with mold removal again.

To get rid of the mold in your home, contact us today for reliable mold remediation services.