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You may think you have cleaned and dried the entire house and your belongings, but mold also grows where you can’t see it, such as under floorboards, behind walls, and in ceiling areas damaged by a leaky roof. Mold remediation is not always possible without the proper training. One of our extremely knowledgeable staff members at ASD, a Tampa Mold Remediation and Removal company, can assist you with advice on what is salvageable and what needs to be removed and replaced. It’s important to remember that once mold gets a foot-hold in a home, it can become a major health concern. The introduction of black mold and other varieties of molds have been found to cause some health issues, and long-term contact can become serious. Attempting to clean black mold with a mold remover, bleach, or household detergent and water is ineffective and won’t destroy the mold. Mold, when given the proper environment can actually make a home uninhabitable to the point of needing to be condemned! ASD can help you save thousands of dollars in home repair! That’s why it’s important to to call your local Tampa mold remediation and removal experts as soon as you suspect you may have a mold or water damage problem. Please don’t attempt mold remediation and removal on your own. Cleaning mold with over-thecounter mold remover is not the answer! You may actually make matters worse by spreading mold spores to other parts of your home. This can put your health, and the health of your family, at risk. The smartest move you can make is to contact Air and Surface Disinfection the Tampa mold remediation experts to take care of your mold removal and remediation needs.

Mold Remediation and Removal Process

ASD technicians will contain, or mask off, the mold contaminated areas as needed to prevent crosscontamination of mold spores from occurring during the remediation and removal process. Our highly trained professionals will then remove and bag all contaminated building materials, while using HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines to filter and clean the air of mold and microbial spores. All permanent structures such as concrete block walls, concrete slabs, and wood studs will then be HEPA sanded, HEPA vacuumed, and cleaned using our 100% Eco-Friendly antimicrobial products. In the final stage of the mold remediation and removal process, ASD will apply an EPA approved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) approved encapsulant with a built in antimicrobial, to seal and protect the structure from future mold related problems. It is always important when an insurance claim has been filed that the insurance provider’s insurance adjuster have the opportunity to evaluate and confirm the presence of mold and water damages before mold remediation takes place. Our knowledgeable staff at Air and Surface Disinfection can help you with the claim process, and can work directly with your insurance provider and adjuster.

Disinfection Treatments Available

At ASD we can give you an healthy indoor environment to help protect you, your family, or your staff and clients, by reducing the possibility of cross-contamination of viruses, diseases, and bacteria for up to 6 months in just one treatment! ASD is the first company in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area to offer a home or business disinfection service. We use state of the art equipment, products, and methods to treat and sanitize your indoor environment. Air and Surface Disinfection uses products that are 100% ecofriendly, and provide a continuous bacteriostatic effect for up to six months. The products we use are currently used in the US Pentagon, and in the International Space Station by NASA, and by the majority of hospitals across the nation. All our products are 100% EPA, FDA, and OSHA compliant. Our disinfection products are registered in all 50 states including California, and have up to a 6 month residual effect. Give yourself, your family, your clients, and employees the gift of clean air and a healthy indoor environment! Don’t wait. Call Air and Surface Disinfection today for your free disinfection quote. Our prices are affordable! (813) 313-9801 Currently used in hospitals, schools, daycares, government buildings, homes, boats, and more...

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