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Mold Removal

I had mold in two walls. At the front wall of the house and also at the back wall of the house. Both walls had windows in them and the stucco on the window sill was cracking and water was seeping in the the cracks and getting into the walls and baseboards.

I called Kevin at Air and Surface Disinfection to give me an estimate. He was very professional and through with explaining how the problem happened and the process he was going to do to clean it up. His estimate was also right in line with another estimate I received from another company. Kevin and his team were great, they came in and put up two containment units and started work. I had to work most of days they were there and I felt very comfortable with leaving him at my house to do his work. During the week he was very conscientious of trying not to disturb the rest of my house, so i could carry on with my normal activities, which he did. The work he did was awesome, my house is back to normal. He was also very receptive to any questions I had and concerns during the whole process and gave me updates at the end of each day on the progress that happened and what was going to take place the next day. I would strongly suggest Kevin and Air and Surface Disinfection, if have any mold issues.

Kurt Glaser


Mold remediation services to the kitchen, dining room, hall bathroom, & living room areas.

This company came to my rescue when another company was called in for a water clean-up(broken ice line). The original job was not done correctly. Eventually I had mold growing all over the kitchen, dining area & on the carpet pads. Thank goodness for air surface they saved my house & my sanity.  I highly recommend them & do your homework for all jobs in your home.

Meg Amelia


Extensive remediation in two bathrooms and master bedroom.

Kevin was absolutely phenomenal to work with. I have never worked with a contractor that is as prompt, thorough, and who does such a quality job. Kevin and his team proactively wore shoe covers and treated my home as if it were their home. Kevin was quick to come over and work with us to address our mold issue. Kevin and his team followed through on ALL of their commitments- the projects were on budget and were completed on the time line as promised. A really nice differentiating tough are the CDs filled with 100s of pictures- before, during, and after his work. The CDs give piece of mind that the job was done correctly; having this type of documentation will really help when it's time to sell the house. If I am ever in a situation where I need remediation, Air & Surface will be my first and only call. Thanks Kevin!

Robert Schwartz


ASD (Kevin Renner and team) performed mold remediation and demolition in two bathrooms where we had a water leak.

Mold was found and Kevin did a thorough moisture testing process in adjoining rooms to find additional moisture and mold areas.
Overall, a very positive experience. We discovered water in the ceiling in our lower level and began to tear out the ceiling. Once we found the approximate location of the leak, we had to cut into 4 walls to find the actual source of the leak in a shower. Water had saturated under two bathrooms (under tile, wood under floor) as well as into walls/ wallboard and under a shower pan. ASD was called once we found some mold. Kevin responded promptly to calls and came on-site and provided an estimate. ASD cordoned off the area, set up dehumidifiers and air cleaners, vented to the outside, then demo'd the bathrooms and performed mold remediation. Since we involved our insurance company, Kevin gave us numerous tips on how to deal with insurance, and spoke numerous times to the adjuster to provide details. ASD provided many pictures to document their work and they were extremely clean and thorough.

Bill Keyes


Mold remediation underneath a window sill

I had mold underneath a window sill in my guest bedroom. I called 2 companies for estimates, the first one came out and quoted me around $900- stating that I had to take down the entire drywall underneath the window for mold. He stated that he was sure there was mold behind the drywall underneath the window. Then I called this company, and Kevin came out to take a look. After his inspection, he stated that the mold was only on the sill, and none had reached the drywall, he then sprayed some enzymes to kill all the mold and did not charge me. After discussing with my husband, who is a cancer survivor, we didn't want to take any chances on the mold being in the drywall, so we decided to still take down the drywall. I called kevin and told him of our decision. He stated again that he did not think we should spend the money because he was pretty sure there were no mold down in the drywall. he gave me a quote that was $300 cheaper than the first company, and came 2 days later to do the work. It turned out Kevin was right, no mold was on the drywall underneath the window . I should have just listened to Kevin in the first place, but the 1st company that came to inspect the mold had scared me into thinking that I had a bigger problem than I really did. So in the end, I spent $636 for nothing but a peace of mind, at least now I know there was no mold in the dry wall. My family and I truly appreciate Kevin and this company's integrity. There are not alot of companies out there that are this honest. I highly recommend this company. If I ever get mold again, I will definitely contact Kevin!

Janice Chuang


Disinfection Treatment

“Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the excellent job on our home. You were right, it did have an antiseptic smell, but it's nice, a clean scent, and the results were excellent. We've been very healthy ever since. Maybe its a coincidence, but I don't think so. The house just feels better now, and we do too. I'm sure we'll be calling you again for a checkup in a few months.”

Paul Swider


“I just wanted to send you a line or two to thank you for your help. When you buy an older house and begin renovations, there are lots of problems and concerns that come along with it. You want your family to be safe from molds, bacteria, viruses, etc. I was unsure of what to do about such concerns until I read an article in the St. Petersburg Times about your service. I thought I would give you a call and investigate this matter further......and boy am I glad I did! I could not be happier. The home environment feels so much fresher and cleaner than ever before. I feel much more comfortable knowing that my family is protected. I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of your technician and the way in which he went over every aspect of the process. David was very courteous and informative not only about the product being used but, also what specifically it was used for and why. He made it a point to see if I had any questions and sincerely wanted to make sure that they were addressed. I also was very pleasantly surprised by how affordable the treatment was. I can't say enough good things about you guys and your service. I know you are onto something big and I wish you great success. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.”

Anthony Gilbert (satisfied customer and fan)


“My husband and I recently used Air and Surface Disinfection for our home, and the product works, and we are breathing better! We also have a five month old baby and we wanted to clean and disinfect our entire home, as well as sanitize our babyʼs toys. My husbandʼs allergies have improved, and no more pet odor. We would recommend Air and Surface Disinfection to our friends and family.”

The Wells Family


“I was so amazed by the results I experienced six months ago, not only myself but anyone walking into my condo could feel the air was different; lighter and smelled fresh.”
“Before, I would walk around saying there was 'something' in the air,...for years! The dust was black. I could never keep up with the dusting and keeping the floors clean. I eventually developed allergies with a constant cough. The sun would shine in my bedroom and you could just see how much dust was floating in the room. After having construction work done, the air was even more heavier and the dust was even more. I am so thankful for seeing an article in the paper and picking up the phone and making an appointment. I don't walk around here saying there is 'something' in the air anymore! Finally, I can breath again!
I have recommended you to all my friends and even to my doctor! Your product is amazing and I hope more people will make that first appointment and experience a healthy home!
Thank You, and see you again!”

McKenya Kos


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